Thieving Little Bastards!!!

Cascade Quests


Last weekend I woke at nearly midnight to find my tower's alarms wailing and traps triggered. Not only did the blasted kobold's steal my sleep, they stole several of my inventions and even some of my lab rats. The Night Watch refuses to consider this burglary their problem and the Merchant Council refuses to punish the Greyscale Tribe even we know they have been the perpetrates of several hate crimes against the gnomish community here in Cascade. Well if justice won't be served for the small folk, I'll pay for revenge! 1000 gold to whoever recovers my inventions and rats and gives the Greyscale Tribe a good beating upside the head! Bring my things to the phallic shaped town in the Forges.

- Wilfred Fizzlebang.


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Thieving Little Bastards!!!

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