The Vault of Pallon the Pious

I was hired to sail them past the Witch’s Teeth. Four adventurers looking to earn a name; who was I to throw vinegar on their fancies? I took ’em within a rowboat’s jaunt of the place to the door on the rock. I know as much of the place as any sailor—nothing. The man who built that door and its innards was known as Pallon the Pious, a pirate of some renown. Given his actions in life, I don’t know how he made right with any god when he died. The adventurers? Well, I imagine you will find your answers there, I only know they failed to come out again. Left their map behind, maybe you survive what they didn't. I'll take you out to the island in exchange for a quarter share of whatever you find there, since I'm the one with the map and know how to find the place. Ask for Frick Abram at the Beached Laviathan, I'm there most nights.


Treasure Found:

Gold: 1000 cp, 700 sp, 1600 gp, 12 pp, (Total is 1800, Group gets 1350, 450 goes to Frick)

Sellable Items: Small Tapestry (250 gp), Ornate Silver Mirror set with Malachite (250 gp), Dragonscale Ribbon set with Chrysoprase (250 gp), Dragonscale Talisman set with Moonstone (250 gp), Leopard Fur Coinpurse set with Chalcedony (250 gp), Silver Cloth Vest (250 gp), Sable Choker (250 gp) (Totals is 1750, Group gets 1315, 435 goes to Frick)*

*Item's prices are listed at how much you can sell them for through the Red Shepherds, who have contacts for this explicit purpose.

Magic/Interesting Items:

  • Box of Four Unidentified Potions (one is vibrant gold, another deep blue on top with white on bottom and says "shake" on the cork lid, a potion which slowly expands to fill to the top, then shrinks until its just a drop of liquid then repeats, and finally a bottle filled with swirling gas with a narrow lid)
  • Angel Feather
  • 6 Pairs of Ferrymans Coins
  • Masterwork Mace stripped of its power.
  • Masterwork Cold Iron Scimitar
  • Masterwork Blood Iron Hand Axe (Humanoids)
  • 1 Coffin of Cold Iron
  • Pallons Journal

The Vault of Pallon the Pious

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