The Drowning Tower

I'm sure many of you have heard of the tower in the middle of the Sound that only appears when the currents turn and the waterline drops. I'm sure many of you have even tried to find it and plunder it for all the riches rumored to reside within. I'm sure many of you are just as dumb as my brother, who went there and never returned. The idiot took our family sword with him, a beautiful hand and a half sword made of Radiant WhiteGold with the Taldan family crest (two swans circling) set into the pommel. I will pay 500 gold to whoever finds my brothers body, but 2000 gold to whoever returns that sword to me. That is equal to what you could buy the sword for at market and far more than you could sell it.

You may find me at my manor in the Orchards. 

Svar Taldan

Post Mission Report:

The party returns to Cascade, laded with loot but leaving over half the treasure behind to instead take the large mirror. Additionally there remained more to discover in the lower floors of the tower, but that will be an adventure for another time or party. They do return valiantly with Kalvan Taldan's Oathsword and his body, earning the reward from Svar and his favor.


100 cp, 3000 sp, 750 gp, 25 pp, Ermine Ribbon inlaid with Copper (250 gp), Glass Eye (250 gp), 1 x Small Tapestry (250 gp), Fox Fur Coinpurse set with Moonstone (250 gp), Reward from Svar Taldan: 2500 Gold. Total: 4801 gold, with shares of 800 gold each. Niles and Analyth only recieve 400 gold, as they each only participated in half of the quest.

Magic/Interesting Items

The magic items can be claimed first by whoever was participated in the mission when the magic item was found. If two people want the same item, whoever has the least number of magic items gets it first, after that you roll for it. If no one from that mission wants it, the others may try to claim it.

The Drowning Tower

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