Delicate Matters

Cascade Quests

To those with an abundance of time, tact, and intelligence:

 I find myself with far too much to do around this city and not enough time before the Little Brother Scarlet waxes full in the night sky. My mistress's needs must be met however, so I find myself turning to others to fulfill her demands, with the hope of not only completing my tasks within my timeframe but also inestablishing relationships within Cascade for future work. Those able to comlete these tasks will recieve 1,000 gold, and depending upon their preformance and results may find themsleves with additional rewards. Impress me, and I shall pass along my impressions to my mistress.

Those who cannot mind their tongue and think only with their sword arm, do not waste my time. These shall be delicate matters, and require caution and cleverness. For additional information regarding the nature of your tasks, please seek me out at dusk or dawn at the Dancing Dryad within the Havens, along the wall of the Orchards.

Ms. Polly Tick.

Delicate Matters

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