Once upon a time this world was known as the Forgotten Realms. Then the Veil separating mortals from the Gods fell, and with it the realms of reality and thought, element and magic, and heaven and hell collided in the Planar Apocalypse.  For a millennia the world was in upheaval as primordial titans raged across the land while the gods of good and evil fought for the fate of mortal kind. Only the mutually assured destruction of reality itself ended the conflict as the deities worked to stop the elemental destruction and patch together what remained of the realms. Through the Sacrificial Accords the planes of existence were stabilized and reformed into one world. Borders were drawn across the fractured planes, now known as the Realms Restored, and the the gods were left to rule their people in relative peace.

A thousand years of peace while mortals rebuilt under the guidance, or tyranny, of the deities. Rumors swirled of rebel gods refusing to the peace offered by the Accords and waging war in secret or on far flung battlefields. Paranoia was abound among the governments of the gods as suspicion of spies and traitors ran rampant, after all if there was one thing that could be pure evil could be counted on it was too break a peace treaty. The Gods watched their enemies closely and their people closer, doing everything in their power to ensure their safety. It was a thousand years of turmoil.

Then a discovery was made that threatens to change everything. An entire continent where the gods cannot walk, where the Veil that once separated mortals from deities still stretches across the land. The secret of this discovery could not be kept silent, and soon peoples of all sorts made the perilous journey to this new land. Some sought adventure, some sought freedom or a second chance, some sought a place where mortals can rule themselves. But others have been sent, seeking a way to take this discovery and use it in the war that everyone knows will come eventually. Will this land be the one safe haven in the coming conflict? Or its first battleground?